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This page most recently revised and updated in September, 2011.

For the time to revise this site Thanks! to Lisa Millie and Lolo, and in general thanks to Mom, Steve, GSW, Buttons, PD, our NOLA friends, the Princeton history community, winos, history freaks, and music listeners across the world. If you want to see my old, out of date website it still lives here.


As of September 2010: back in New Jersey, but still missing NOLA; teaching the Early American Republic at Princeton this fall; finishing my dissertation; starting the search for an academic job; and looking forward to defending my doctoral degree in the spring.


This will be my 6th year as a PhD student in History at Princeton University. My major field is early United States history; my dissertation is about the transformation of New Orleans under American rule from 1800 to 1820. I spent the 2009-2010 year in Louisiana doing research at places like the New Orleans Public Library... [More]


I played guitar, sang, and wrote songs with God Street Wine for twelve years (1988-1999) then wrote and produced two rock operas while touring with the Lo Faber Band (2000-2003). Most of my studio work and a great deal of live recordings are now available for free download. There's also a few things here in the sheet music department. Since the GSW reunions in summer 2010 I have been playing regular dates with my friend Aaron Maxwell... [More]


For family photos etc I now rely on facebook ~ There is a Wikipedia page about me here ~ My youtube channel is here ~ If you want GSW lyrics there are a lot here ~ Better yet, click here to add more ~ An occasional blog about my academic work is here ~ And you can read my 1-page CV here ~ Occasionally I tweet under the God Street name as you can see here ~ For politics I suggest this, this, and this--now please stop calling me a Republican ~ and go for a walk!

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