God Street Wine

God Street Wine was my whole focus in life from 1988 to 2000. We began as a local New York City band, started touring nationally by 1992, signed our first major label deal with Geffen in 1993, and eventually released six albums on three different labels as well as constantly touring throughout the 1990s.

The band broke up in 2000 due to legal and financial difficulties, bad morale, road burnout, and a general sense of wanting to pursue other interests. In 2009 we reunited to play (with no rehearsal, after nine years) for the memorial service of a close friend who had died unexpectedly and tragically. That led in turn to a full 4-show reunion the following year, and since 2010 we have played about 20 shows together.

In 2013 we released a 25th Anniversary Boxed Set containing 6 CDs of music and a DVD documentary video about the band.