Building the Land of Dreams

Building the Land of Dreams Cover
Coming October 2015 Princeton University Press

“In this brilliant book, Eberhard Faber reveals how the creole elite of colonial New Orleans adapted to American rule on their own terms. With thorough research and vivid prose, Building the Land of Dreams illuminates American expansion in exciting new ways.” – Alan Taylor, author of The Internal Enemy: Slavery and War in Virginia, 1772–1832

“This outstanding book takes up a large and absorbing story: Louisiana’s incorporation into the American Union as a constitutional equal with other states. Faber untangles this intricate history with admirable clarity and lots of good judgment. In his sensitive hands a cast of characters ranging from Spanish dons and creole warhorses to American newcomers comes to life. Building the Land of Dreams is a fine work of distinction.” – Lawrence N. Powell, Tulane University

“Imaginatively researched and elegantly written, this book puts stubborn ideas about early nineteenth-century New Orleans to rest and alters our understanding of Jeffersonian America in a significant way. It introduces readers to intriguing personalities and stories, and undertakes a new interpretation of the incorporation of New Orleans into the economy and body politic of the United States. This is a landmark book on the history of the early American republic.” – Daniel H. Usner, Vanderbilt University

Building the Land of Dreams presents the history of New Orleans and its environs from the end of Spanish rule to after statehood in 1812, from frontier outpost to one of the United States’ most populous and thriving cities. This important book is filled with considerable primary research and advances a number of significant debates.” – Robert L. Paquette, Alexander Hamilton Institute

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