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Collection of Music Director with Songs

S.NoList of Music Composers/DirectorsTotal Songs
1.     Songs Lyrics1
2. A. Rama Rao Songs Lyrics1
3. A.H. Kaashif Songs Lyrics2
4. A.M. Rajah Songs Lyrics4
5. A.R. Rahman Songs Lyrics304
6. Achu Rajamani Songs Lyrics6
7. Adithyan Songs Lyrics1
8. Ajaneesh Loknath Songs Lyrics1
9. Alandur Sivasubramaniyam Songs Lyrics1
10. Amaal Mallik Songs Lyrics2
11. Amal Dev Songs Lyrics1
12. Amal Manohar Songs Lyrics1
13. Amit Trivedi Songs Lyrics1
14. Amresh Ganesh Songs Lyrics4
15. Amrish Songs Lyrics3
16. Amrit Songs Lyrics3
17. Anand Kasinath Songs Lyrics1
18. Anil Srinivasan Songs Lyrics1
19. Anirudh Ravichander Songs Lyrics89
20. Anthony Daasan Songs Lyrics1
21. Arrol Corelli Songs Lyrics1
22. Arun Raj Songs Lyrics1
23. Ashwath Naganathan Songs Lyrics1
24. B Prasanna Songs Lyrics1
25. B. Ajaneesh Loknath Songs Lyrics1
26. Badshah Songs Lyrics1
27. Balamurali Balu Songs Lyrics3
28. Ben Human Songs Lyrics1
29. Bharani Songs Lyrics5
30. Bharath Sankar Songs Lyrics2
31. Bharathwaj Songs Lyrics27
32. Bindhu Malini and Vedanth Bharadwaj Songs Lyrics1
33. C. R. Subbaraman Songs Lyrics2
34. C. Ramachandra Songs Lyrics1
35. C. Sathya Songs Lyrics6
36. Chandrabose Songs Lyrics7
37. Charan Raj Songs Lyrics1
38. Chittor V. Nagaiah Songs Lyrics1
39. Coruz Hooks Songs Lyrics2
40. D. Imman Songs Lyrics114
41. D. M. Udhaya Kumar Songs Lyrics1
42. Darbuka Siva Songs Lyrics6
43. Dasarathan Songs Lyrics1
44. Deva Songs Lyrics65
45. Devendran Songs Lyrics1
46. Devi Sri Prasad Songs Lyrics35
47. Dharan Songs Lyrics1
48. Dharan Kumar Songs Lyrics9
49. Dhibu Ninan Thomas Songs Lyrics3
50. Dhilip Varman Songs Lyrics4
51. Dhina Songs Lyrics2
52. Drums Sivamani Songs Lyrics2
53. F. S. Faizal Songs Lyrics1
54. G. Devarajan Songs Lyrics2
55. G. Govindarajulu Naidu Songs Lyrics2
56. G. K. Venkatesh Songs Lyrics1
57. G. Ramanathan Songs Lyrics1
58. G.V. Prakash Kumar Songs Lyrics74
59. Gangai Amaran Songs Lyrics10
60. Ghantasala Songs Lyrics1
61. Ghibran Songs Lyrics15
62. Girishh G Songs Lyrics3
63. Godson Rudolph Songs Lyrics1
64. Gopi Sundar Songs Lyrics4
65. Govind Vasantha Songs Lyrics6
66. Guna Singh Songs Lyrics2
67. Hans Zimmer Songs Lyrics1
68. Harris Jayaraj Songs Lyrics128
69. Havoc Brothers Songs Lyrics1
70. Hemz Music Songs Lyrics1
71. Himesh Reshammiya Songs Lyrics3
72. Hip Hop Tamizha Songs Lyrics49
73. Ilayaraaja Songs Lyrics1
74. Ilayaraja Songs Lyrics378
75. Ishaan Dev Songs Lyrics1
76. Jakes Bejoy Songs Lyrics1
77. James Vasanthan Songs Lyrics9
78. Jassie Gift Songs Lyrics2
79. Jay Songs Lyrics1
80. Joshua Sridhar Songs Lyrics4
81. Justin Prabhakaran Songs Lyrics9
82. K Songs Lyrics2
83. K. Krishna Kumar Songs Lyrics2
84. K. S. Sundaramurthy Songs Lyrics3
85. K. V. Mahadevan Songs Lyrics36
86. K. Veeramani Songs Lyrics1
87. K.S. Manoj Songs Lyrics1
88. Kalaipuli S. Thanu Songs Lyrics1
89. Karthik Songs Lyrics4
90. Karthik Raja Songs Lyrics11
91. Kaushik Krish Songs Lyrics1
92. Kausikan Sivalingam Songs Lyrics1
93. Keba Jeremiah Songs Lyrics1
94. KP Songs Lyrics1
95. Krishmusic Songs Lyrics1
96. Kunnakudi Vaidyanathan Songs Lyrics4
97. Lawrence Soosai Songs Lyrics1
98. Laxmikant-Pyarelal vaali Songs Lyrics1
99. Leon James Songs Lyrics10
100. M. B. Sreenivas Songs Lyrics1
101. M. S. Vishwanathan Songs Lyrics1
102. M.M. Keeravani Songs Lyrics12
103. M.S. Viswanathan Songs Lyrics99
104. Mani Sharma Songs Lyrics12
105. Manoj – Gyan Songs Lyrics3
106. Manoj Bhatnagar Songs Lyrics1
107. Manoj Bhatnaghar Songs Lyrics1
108. Manoj Chinnaswamy Songs Lyrics1
109. Maragadha Mani Songs Lyrics2
110. Maragathamani Songs Lyrics2
111. Mickey J. Meyer Songs Lyrics4
112. Mithoon Songs Lyrics1
113. Modern Mafia Songs Lyrics1
114. Mugen Rao MGR Songs Lyrics3
115. N. R. Raghunanthan Songs Lyrics9
116. N. R. Ragunanthan Songs Lyrics1
117. Natarajan Sankaran Songs Lyrics3
118. Nivas K Prasanna Songs Lyrics12
119. Phani Kalyan Songs Lyrics1
120. Pradeep Kumar Songs Lyrics1
121. Prakash Nikki Songs Lyrics1
122. Prasad Ganesh Songs Lyrics1
123. Prashan Sean Songs Lyrics1
124. Prem Kumar Songs Lyrics2
125. Premgi Amaren Songs Lyrics4
126. R. D. Burman Songs Lyrics1
127. R. H. Vikram Songs Lyrics1
128. R.P. Patnaik Songs Lyrics3
129. Rabbit Mac Songs Lyrics1
130. Radhan Songs Lyrics3
131. Raj-Kapil Songs Lyrics1
132. Rajesh Murugesan Songs Lyrics2
133. Rajeswara Rao Songs Lyrics3
134. Raju Krishnamurthy and M.K. Balaji Songs Lyrics1
135. Ramana Gogula Songs Lyrics3
136. Ramesh Krishna Songs Lyrics1
137. Ramesh Vinayakam Songs Lyrics2
138. Ranjit Barot Songs Lyrics2
139. Ranjith Govind Songs Lyrics1
140. S. A. Rajkumar Songs Lyrics30
141. S. J. Surya Songs Lyrics1
142. S. Janaki Songs Lyrics1
143. S. M. Subbaiah Naidu Songs Lyrics10
144. S. P. Balasubrahmanyam Songs Lyrics2
145. S. Selva Kumaar Songs Lyrics1
146. S. Thaman Songs Lyrics20
147. S. V. Venkatraman Songs Lyrics1
148. S.N Arunagiri Songs Lyrics3
149. Sabesh Murali Songs Lyrics5
150. Sahi Siva Songs Lyrics1
151. Sajid-Wajid Songs Lyrics1
152. Sam C.S Songs Lyrics14
153. Sangeetha Rajeshwaran Songs Lyrics1
154. Sanjay Leela Bhansali Songs Lyrics2
155. Sankar Ganesh Songs Lyrics2
156. Santesh Songs Lyrics1
157. Santhosh Dhayanidhi Songs Lyrics6
158. Santhosh Narayanan Songs Lyrics45
159. Sathyaprakash Dharmar Songs Lyrics1
160. Satish Chakravarthy Songs Lyrics2
161. Satthia Songs Lyrics1
162. Sayeetharshan Songs Lyrics1
163. Sean Roldan Songs Lyrics7
164. Shabir Songs Lyrics3
165. Shakthisree Gopalan Songs Lyrics1
166. Shane Extreme Songs Lyrics1
167. Shankar Ganesh Songs Lyrics15
168. Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy Songs Lyrics6
169. Sharreth Songs Lyrics2
170. Shiva Songs Lyrics4
171. Shyam Songs Lyrics1
172. Sid Sriram Songs Lyrics1
173. Siddharth Vipin Songs Lyrics1
174. Siddhu Kumar Songs Lyrics2
175. Simon Songs Lyrics6
176. Sirpy Songs Lyrics14
177. Sooraj S Kurup Songs Lyrics1
178. Soundaryan Songs Lyrics1
179. Sreejith Edavana Songs Lyrics1
180. Sridhar Songs Lyrics1
181. Srikanth Deva Songs Lyrics9
182. Srinivas Songs Lyrics1
183. Stephen Zechariah Songs Lyrics4
184. Suchitra Songs Lyrics1
185. Sundar C. Babu Songs Lyrics3
186. T. G. Lingappa Songs Lyrics2
187. T. R. Pappa Songs Lyrics2
188. T. S. Muralidharan Songs Lyrics1
189. T.R. Kuralarasan Songs Lyrics2
190. Taj Noor Songs Lyrics4
191. Tanishk Bagchi Songs Lyrics1
192. TeeJay Songs Lyrics1
193. Thaman S Songs Lyrics1
194. Thanigai Songs Lyrics1
195. TheanMittai SWAGS Songs Lyrics1
196. V. Kumar Songs Lyrics2
197. V. S. Narasimhan Songs Lyrics1
198. V. Selvaganesh Songs Lyrics2
199. Vasuki Baskar and Madurai Souljour Songs Lyrics1
200. Ved Shankar Songs Lyrics3
201. Vernon G Segaram (VGS Music) Songs Lyrics1
202. Vhyshnavi Sri Ranjan Songs Lyrics1
203. Vidyasagar Songs Lyrics70
204. Vijay Antony Songs Lyrics33
205. Vijay Narain Songs Lyrics1
206. Vijaya T. Rajendar Songs Lyrics1
207. Vijayabhaskar Songs Lyrics1
208. Vishal Chandrashekhar Songs Lyrics11
209. Vishwanathan-Ramamoorthy Songs Lyrics2
210. Viswanathan - Ramamoorthy Songs Lyrics32
211. Vivek - Mervin Songs Lyrics17
212. Yuvan Shankar Raja Songs Lyrics148
213. Ztish Songs Lyrics2